We sell many Tibetan products

Ocean Queen was the first Tibetan Himalaya Handicraft shop to open in Hawaii’s north shore Haleiwa in 2009. Our main passion is to share the handicraft and beautiful culture from Tibet, Nepal, and India. One of the best things about our store is that it provides our customers with love, peace, and beautiful energy. In Ocean Queen, I like to share my teachings and knowledge with all my customers about the healing crystals, the key to a happy life, and how to meditate mindfulness.

Worry stone

We sell many Tibetan products and handmade natural fabrics like cotton and silk. Many meditation supplies and books, such as yoga books, prayer flags, prayer wheels, meditation singing bowls, meditation chimes, and meditation drums. Our best sellers are our healing crystals and jewelry. Similarly, We have various sizes, shapes, and types of healing crystals that you can wear, decorate around your home, or even use during meditation. Visit our locations for more products.


The vision of Ocean Queen is to share our beautiful culture and product from Tibet, Nepal, and India. We like to share Tibetan handicrafts with things from all over the Himalayas. Beautiful handmade things from Nepal and India as well. We saw the need for a Tibetan store and hope to provide people with items that can benefit, heal, educate, and understand and appreciate life the way Tibetan practices and beliefs.


The mission of Ocean Queen is to provide authentic, high-quality items from around the world that supports your spiritual and daily life practice. Also, bring many beautiful products, such as jewelry, clothing, materials, meditation supplies, incense, statues, and healing crystals. In conclusion, we want to share our rich culture and teachings with everyone and help provide a better way of happiness and mindful living.

“It is not the belief in the healing powers of the stones, but the actual high content of minerals, trace elements, and the noticeable positive vibration energies of the healing stone which bring more balance and harmony to our organism.”